Unit 1 Story: The three brothers

Hello students from 6th grade!!!
Are you ready to listen to the Unit 1 story again?Can you remember what kind of story it was? Yes!!! You're right! It's was a myth. Please, click on the image below to listen to the story.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Anónimo17:17:00

    Hello!!! I'm Laura Beltri of 6B. I like the story of The Three Brothers.
    Good bye!!!

    Laura Beltri

  2. Anónimo19:17:00

    I like this story.
    Paula B. =)

  3. Anónimo19:21:00

    Hi I'm Oumaima the class of the three ten and I love history.
    bey bey :)

  4. Anónimo20:26:00

    I like this story, I'm the older sister from my family.

    Marina :)

  5. Anónimo17:28:00

    Hello my name is Andrea from 6th grade i like the history.Bye

  6. Anónimo22:05:00

    hiiii!!! i'm Joel from 6B i like the story
    bye bye :)

  7. Anónimo12:57:00

    Hello!!! i´m Sharon from 6èB i like the history, and it`s fun the story bye bye :D

  8. Anónimo22:20:00

    Hello ! ! ! my name is AINA from 6thA , I like this story.
    Bey Bey :)